Gosaikunda Lauribina pass

Gosainkunda is a glacial lake of Gosainsthan wetland in Langtang Himalayan range.

After Gosainkunda trekkers head to Lauribina pass(Surya Kunda)

Lauribina pass is one of the beautiful pass in Langtang -Gosainkunda area. This pass is close to Gosainkunda lake. Its elevation is 4620 m. from sea level. especially it can be called Suryakunda pass because it just very near by Suryakunda. around the Gosainkunda and Suryakunda including small and bigger there are more than 108 lakes.

Lord Shiva is sleeping for Eras and Eras As a Rock in center of the Lake

This lake has very interesting story. Due to the stubborn of Rahu and shani there was big event had happened the “Samundara Manthan ” stiring Kshir Sagar with Mt. Mandara with help of Bashuki nag (king of snake) . As the whole sea were stirred on nectar and poison halahal were produced. Nectar was acceptable to every one but poison was at risk to the whole universe. Nobody could control the negative impact of that Halahal .it could harm or explode the whole universe,if it would had dropped even one drip in ocean. There was big problematic of poison. Many gods tried to find out the solution but was not any possibilities except lord Shiva. As Bishnu knew that lord shiva only  can solve the problem so that he request to solve. Shiva only can took the halahal( lethal ) . he just took whole by-product from stirring sea . as Shiva swallowed he became exhausted ,tired and thirsty , he got blue throat with burning effect. he nearly became unconscious even he wandered to find comfortable place so far he reach to Himalayas in Gosaisthan  Himal ,meanwhile he just broke the rock with his Trishul , water appeared . he drank water , he could not get up even ,so he fell in the widen space formed Gosainkunda( Gosain lake) and people think he is still sleeping in to the lake as big rock. because of that story in

Om Namah Shivaya!!

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