The Gosaikunda Lauribina pass

Gosainkunda is a glacial lake of the Gosainsthan wetland in the Langtang Himalayan range. After Gosainkunda ,trekkers head to Lauribina pass (Surya Kunda), which is one of the beautiful passes in the Langtang -Gosainkunda area. Its elevated at 4620 m above sea level. It is also oftentimes called the Suryakunda pass because it is very close by Suryakunda. Around the Gosainkunda and Suryakunda, there are more than 108 lakes.

Lord Shiva has been sleeping for eras and eras in the form of a rock at the center of the lake

This lake has a very interesting story. Due to the stubbornness of Rahu and Shani there was a big event, called “Samundara Manthan”, stirring Kshir Sagar with Mt. Mandara with the help of Bashuki nag (king of snake). As the whole sea was stirred up, nectar and poison halahal were produced. Nectar was acceptable to every one but poison was a risk to the whole universe. Nobody could control the negative impact of that Halahal. It could harm or explode the whole universe if even one drop would fall in the ocean. Many gods tried to find out the solution but there was no other possibility then to turn to lord Shiva. Bishnu knew that only lord shiva can solve the problem. Gods and demons requested to Shiva to save from destruction of the Universe,So Shiva took the halahal (lethal), the whole by-product from the stirring sea. As Shiva swallowed the halahal he became exhausted, tired and thirsty, he got a blue throat with a burning effect of poison. He nearly became unconscious, and he wandered to find a comfortable place. He reached to the Himalayas in Gosaisthan Himal and meanwhile he just broke the rock with his Trishul and water appeared. He drank water, but he could not get up, so he fell in the wide space and formed Gosainkunda (Gosain lake). People think he is still sleeping in the lake as a big rock, because of that story.

Om Namah Shivaya!!


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