Welcome to my blog

I would like to welcome to read or visit through my blog about my own life as wonderful adventurous, spiritual, natural beauty and simplicity lover and all readers, travelers and kind of holiday planer , organizers to Nepal and around.

My father  and  mother Narapati Bhandari and  Manakarni  Bhandari  gave me  birth on 21 January 1967 . I was not alone in my mother embryo but after  three days of our getting the step on  this beautiful earth my sibling my  sister .I heard this story  from my parents while I  started to concern about relation my life.

I firstly would  thanks and pay tribute   to my mother , father who gave  birth  in my country  Nepal,  a piece of heaven  of this amazing  Universe. I am so gratitude to  my parents family and relatives, my teachers, friends and all kind of personalities who inspired me to stand  on my own-self as  Jaya N .   I really revere that  my first school is my house and  my parent  were my first teachers, friends, god and goddess, every thing.

so far  some element and  scenario  of  village ,society,  country and this whole world has impressed to find out my path how to go ahead  and take  with. what ever  i experience in my journey of soul body and mind  spiritually  and  eternal and external in physical and metaphysical  world i would like to share in my blog and if you  want to visit my country  with me  try to visit my page or site.  for your especial holiday plan. and be free to comment or  give  suggestion.

Have a happy journey within and external of your periphery.


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