Some Words of Welcome


I would like to welcome you to my blog which is about my life as an adventurous, spiritual person who’s passionate about nature. I invite all readers, travelers and holiday planners to online – and hopefully also real – journeys through Nepal. 

It is such a great pleasure for me that I have already had the chance to experience over 500 guided tours and trekking trips since 1993, as a porter, guide, leader, yoga teacher, Reiki master and more. The choices of my clients, my companions for their holidays have differed depending on their time availability, their interest or destination plans, but every single trip was memorable and filled with different experiences.

The satisfaction and happiness of travelers is my motto when I guide people through their holiday tour in Nepal.  I am always happy to share specific information about outdoor activities, about our culture, nature during any sort of journeys.

Also, if you’re looking for a natural or spiritual research within you, or for a journey that is uplifting for your soul, body and mind just extend your hand toward me and join me on a journey.  You can find this balance in yoga ,  meditation, reiki practice and channeling, nature hikes and bird watching  to feel absolute joy in life.

In my blog, I’m sharing stories of previous journeys and also my thoughts about spirituality. If you feel inspired and would like to visit my country with me, I hope my page will be a good entry point for you to already learn some things about our culture and wonderful nature. If you feel invited, have special holiday plans in mind or would like to find out more about something, feel free to comment on my blog or contact me.

Happy Journeys!

Jaya N. Bhandari


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